When Oklahoma City entertainment mogul and entrepreneur David Box was in second grade, at his mother’s behest, he entered a fashion show and won. “I didn’t do anything to win,” he recalls. “We just went shopping. I’ve learned over the years that it isn’t the cost of the garment that makes an item cool. Price doesn’t equal style.”

Box learned a valuable lesson. An expensive garment or accessory may not necessarily be stylish, but sometimes it is; on the flip side, a second-hand steal can turn a vanilla outfit into something fashion-forward.

The 13 individuals in the following pages represent these principles. From high-end to vintage, casual to couture, they represent style in Oklahoma. For some, like wardrobe stylist Chris Hill, style is a matter of vocation. For others, like art gallery owner Royce Myers, they are expected to “dress the part.” And still for others, like medical student Julie Martin, fashion is a way to express herself outside of scrubs and the classroom.

From monkey fur jackets to neon yellow pants, sexy red booties and vintage Stetson hats – not to mention black diamond necklaces and Louboutins aplenty – these people with style represent the best of fashion in Oklahoma.

Christina Fallin

Keith Meeks, MD

NeMar Noulles

Chris Hill

Anu Bajaj, MD

Julie Martin

Joshua Powell, MD

Kim Henry

Royce Myers

David Box

John Cary

Marquay Baul

Teri Pierce

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