Capp’s isn’t fancy. It has knotty pine walls, lots of framed sports memorabilia and a collegiate ambiance; after all, TU, where owner Capp Crowder once played football, is just down the block. But fancy is the last thing you’d want a barbecue joint to be. What you do want is what you’ll find at Capp’s: hearty food and a hearty welcome. Capp’s offers variety heretofore unheard of in barbecue places. Sure, you’ll find the usual standbys, including tasty, tender brisket that’s been lovingly smoked for 14 hours, and sides highlighted by a tangy, vibrant coleslaw and okra fried golden-brown. But there’s also fried catfish, crunchy and fresh, good enough to rival any you’ll find in Tulsa. Impossibly huge baked potatoes, seasoned with barbecue rub, are piled high with cheese, sour cream and a choice of meat. Sandwiches are stars here, including the Cappwich, a soft bun heaped with juicy brisket, bologna and hot links. Or, if you want more traditional barbecue fare, order a whole rack of ribs, which come to the table glowing like burnished mahogany. 2604 E. 11th St., Tulsa.

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