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Life on the Fly

If chef Jonathan Krell’s story only contained two nuggets – he trained with Masaharu Morimoto, and he once worked as a sound engineer on Ozzfest – he’d still be one of the most interesting people in Oklahoma City. As it is, he is easily one of the best, most versatile chefs, too, and he runs the...

Fusion Done Right

James Vu is a student of everything. The owner (and occasional chef) of La Brasa – a Peruvian-Asian fusion joint in OKC with a ton of history – blends food, booze, art, music and design in his restaurant to give diners the sense that they are existing momentarily in the pages of an art magazine. 

Still Having Fun

In May 2012, 28 world leaders flew to Chicago to attend the NATO Summit. The organizers gave the job of feeding the heads of state to the executive chef of Tulsa’s Cox Business Convention Center, Devin Levine – perhaps because he had already successfully catered five PGA championships.  Levine cooked lunch for former...

A Heart for Serving and Teaching

A chef needs a few key elements to succeed: creative flair; experience and understanding of how a kitchen should run; and a good mind when it comes to business and profitability. A chef must also be a leader, mentor and teacher to those who seek guidance. Michael Paske of the Hamilton Supperette and...