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Bird’s the Word

Inspired by his grandmother, chef Marc Dunham loves making people happy through food. Fortunately, his current culinary journey has him doing just that. At an early age, the Texas native began cooking out of necessity, but after watching his grandmother’s zeal for the activity, he quickly grew to love it. However, it was...

Nashbird Chicken

You get “hot dang!” flavor at Nashbird Chicken, a counter service restaurant and bar offering fun and affordable tasty hot chicken, say founders Marc and Jenny Dunham. Start with mac n’ cheese poppers, a melty mélange of cheesy, crunchy goodness. Follow with a basket or bucket of fried chicken with buttermilk ranch and a choice of flavors...

A Taste of Hidalgo

Adan Salas rises with the sun and arrives at El Hidalguense on Tulsa’s east side. There are fresh, fluffy, corn tortillas to be made (“and when we’re crowded, that’s a lot of tortillas,” he says), chickens to be roasted, sour cream to be concocted, and mole – dark, complex, slightly sweet, with hints of chocolate – to...

A Home for ‘Foodpreneurs’

Oklahoma has more miles of the original Route 66 than any other state, and Tulsa’s Mother Road Market reminds people of the highway’s historical impact. The brainchild of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, Tulsa’s first food hall on the iconic road combines innovation and learning space for food entrepreneurs, or “foodpreneurs,” as president and CEO Elizabeth Frame Ellison calls them...