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Heading to The Half

The inspiration for The Half came to Bill Cameron one warm summer evening.  As he watched the sun set on Lake Hefner from the patio at Redrock Canyon Grill, the CEO and Chairman of the Board at Cameron Enterprises thought about the view outside his own office. “Man,” thought Cameron, “I’d sure like to have something like this for our office.”  The...

A World of Developments

It’s no secret that the Tulsa and OKC metros are booming with new projects. These include major headquarters, multi-use buildings, apartments, historical renovations and even an indoor waterpark. Read on to see what’s on the Oklahoma agenda.

Cathy O’Connor

With a hand in nearly every downtown OKC initiative in the past 20 years, Cathy O’Connor has enacted real change as president and CEO of the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City. She previously served as assistant city manager and as the City’s finance director. Committed to the redevelopment of distressed areas, O’Connor has spearheaded myriad community projects around...