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Lake Living

The Rising Tide of Popularity Having fun, making memories and staying safe are top priorities for many this summer. At the lake, you can do all that and more.  Since COVID-19, many have moved their permanent residences to Oklahoma’s varied bodies of water.  Joe Harwood is president and owner of Arrowhead Yacht Club and Marina, which operates several ports, including one at...

One Bite at a Time

Maintenance and repair crews, facing the seemingly indomitable task of cleaning up eastern Oklahoma waterways and recreation areas from last year’s historic flooding, adopted the strategy found in a classic riddle. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Nearly 15 months after devastating rains and floods, the lakes, rivers and parks in eastern Oklahoma are pretty much...

Beat the Heat

As the temperature rises this month and Oklahoma becomes its usual sticky mess, getting outside to relax or go on vacation may not seem like an optimal choice. But an effective one-two combination – shade and water – provide the perfect counterpunch to the Sooner State’s hot summers. The following areas – most well known; some not so obvious – give...