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Neighborhood Influences

In Tulsa, not all that far from his old Maple Ridge neighborhood, writer and producer Micah Fitzerman-Blue is having a beautiful day. Along with hundreds of other adults and kids, he and his family members are experiencing first-hand what USA Today has called the “best new attraction” in the nation – Gathering Place. “I’ve never seen anything like this in...

Funneling the Weird

Around Town My credo now approves of any film festival with the category “The Strange Batch” to cover what it describes as “wonderfully weird shorts.” This decision came after looking at the lineup of the Twister Alley Film Festival, happening May 2-4 at the Woodward Arts Theater. That listing is just one indication of the festival’s offbeat sensibilities. With other...

‘At Least It’s An Ethos’

Around Town Modern fandom is wonderful. The ease of communication and organization afforded by the internet make it possible for fans of cult films to put together regular events that connect them with other enthusiasts. The Big Lebowski is something of an odd choice for cult film status – it’s the rare “midnight film” that’s actually good and stands on its...