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The World of Real Estate

Getting Started Buying or selling a home is tough, no doubt about it. But experts are in your corner. Bryan Sheppard, president and CEO of Tulsa’s Coldwell Banker Select, offers some counsel for those embarking on the home-buying journey.   “Know what you can afford,” he says. “Most buyers can borrow more than they can afford. It’s important to know how much...

Real Estate 101

The Renovation Debate You’ve decided to take the leap and sell your home. What’s next? If you’re considering major renovations or add-ons before putting it on the market – to increase the value and appeal – speak with experts before taking that major financial plunge. “What I tell people, buyers or sellers, depends on the house, the situation and the seller,” says...

Great Companies to Work For

What makes a company appealing to potential employees depends on who you ask. Some common answers, however, remain consistent across the board: flexible hours; substantial vacation days; quality insurance benefits; retirement packages; a strong pool of coworkers and management. Other draws are the intangible perks: a collaborative work environment; a sense of feeling appreciated; room for creativity and out-of-the-box...