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Social Media’s Impact

While the term ‘social media’ may be overused, the power it wields in present day can’t be overstated. A person’s online presence – good, bad, small or large – can impact real life in majors ways. We talk to hiring managers, recruiters, social media experts and marketing professionals about what companies look for in a candidate’s online presence; tips...

Senior Savvy

The younger that people may be, the more likely we are to witness them posting selfies on Snapchat, sharing their latest meals on Instagram or issuing demands to Alexa that would make a dictator blush – or so many of us believe. In truth, mobile technology and social media have opened as many frontiers for older adults (if not more)...

Social Media Toxins

Whether social media and excessive screen time create mental illness is murky. Many factors contribute to poor mental health, and researchers at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa aim to find answers. The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study, started in 2016, observes how the brains of 10,000 children, ages 9-11, develop over the next 10 years.  Florence Breslin,...