Just as warm months beg for a mojito or frozen cocktail, so too does the cooler season prompt desire for its own weather-driven libation. While warm cocktails aren’t as commonplace or as popular as their chilled brethren, they can make for an interesting holiday dinner party aperitif or a warm conclusion to a long day of shopping.

The hot toddy is the quintessential warm cocktail, though often reserved as a treatment for the cold or chills. Kick the classic up a notch and make a Galliano Toddy. Into a warm cup, add two ounces boiling water, one ounce Scotch, 3/4 ounce Galliano liqueur and a quarter-ounce grenadine syrup. Top with a lemon slice and grated nutmeg.

Hot buttered rum is another winter classic, and none other than Emeril Lagasse provides a delicious recipe for a festive cocktail night. Cream together one stick unsalted butter, two cups light brown sugar, one teaspoon cinnamon, half a teaspoon nutmeg and a pinch each of salt and cloves. Refrigerate until almost firm. Spoon about two tablespoons of the butter mixture into 12 small mugs, add around three ounces of dark rum, and then top with hot water to the top, stir well and serve.

For a more dessert-oriented warm beverage consider a variation on a Canadian Cocoa. Heat five ounces of milk in a saucepan. When simmering, add 3/4 ounce Canadian whiskey, 3/4 ounce dark rum, 1/2 ounce crème de cacao and 2/3 ounce maple syrup. Allow the syrup to dissolve and then poor into a heat proof cup.

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