Photo by Marc Rains.
Photo by Marc Rains.

[dropcap]Imagine[/dropcap] Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with the classical considerations of pre-revolutionary France and a healthy dose of Pinterest-inspired DIY style. Sound confusing? Maybe even alarming?

Stop thinking and start eating. Pinkitzel, a sweets-and-toy boutique that has delighted downtown Oklahoma City for years and has opened a store in downtown Tulsa, is way too much fun to question. The name of the eatery comes from the Yiddish word “kitzel,” or “to tickle.” Tickled pink is definitely an accurate reaction to this whimsical sweet space. Pinkitzel is a total assault on the senses for everyone who has ever wanted to roll around in candy like it was money. Old-school gummy, jelly bean and taffy buffets rub elbows with upscale chocolates and buckets of vanilla bean, root beer or orange creamsicle cotton candy. The boutique offers a robust selection of traditional packaged candies as well, plus a few more exotic offerings like Thanksgiving or wasabi gumballs from Seattle novelty company Archie McPhee.

Pinkitzel’s famous cupcakes (which, by the way, they can deliver) are almost overshadowed by a bevy of other baked goods. The macaroons, while imported from New York, are fresh and chewy and come in a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors such as Earl Grey, pistachio, espresso and more. And what goes better with sweets than flavored milks, bacon hot chocolate or local coffee? Toys. From whimsical pirate and unicorn finger puppets to vintage-inspired sewing kits and donut socks, kids are probably going to want one of everything. Adults may be drawn to a colorful wall of paper gifts, journals and Tokyo Milk lotions – and the donut socks.

Pinkitzel is located at 150 North E.K. Gaylord Blvd. in Oklahoma City, and at 201 S. Denver Ave. in Tulsa. More information on Pinkitzel sweets and services can be found at

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