On the third weekend of every month, Tulsa’s New Age Renegade bar becomes a theater where patrons delight in the classics – cult classics with a little twist. Only after every eyelash has been brushed with a respectable coat of mascara, after every strand of hair is smoothed, after every button and belt has been impeccably fashioned does the curtain rise. Much like the performers who play the parts, these plays are wonderfully over-the-top. Twisted Theatre and its coordinator and director Tabitha Taylor have staged everything from The Golden Girls and Mama’s Family to Reefer Madness and Hairspray. The troupe’s annual Halloween send up of The Exorcist has become legendary. They may not be exactly as you remember them, but therein lies Twisted’s bawdy charm. Let’s hope for an encore of Merry Christmas, Mommy Dearest for the holidays. New Age Renegade is located at 17th and Main streets near downtown Tulsa. For more, call 918.585.3405.

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