As courting rituals go, a woman could do worse than have an entire country play matchmaker to her would-be suitors.

In 1905, when a woman’s worth often was measured in her wealth, the citizens of the small (and fictional) European country of Pontevedro conspire to save their economy from a permanent downgrade by pairing its wealthiest citizen with a native son. If she ever married someone from outside the country, she just may leave and take most of the country’s wealth with her – not that these money concerns matter much to her.

Tulsa Ballet presents the Oklahoma premiere of The Merry Widow, Sept. 23-25, at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center’s Chapman Music Hall.
The story of a spirited widow, her former beau and the manners and morals of Parisian high society was adapted in 1975 for the Australian Ballet and choreographed by Ronald Hynd.

Tulsa Ballet launches its 2011-12 season with this lively tale set in the gardens, ballrooms, restaurants and opulence of the Belle Epoque. As Pontevedro’s denizens find themselves involved in all kinds of romantic mischief between themselves, their beautiful patroness, Hanna, begins to reveal a more vulnerable layer beneath the sparkling social butterfly.

Will she find love with Count Danilo, the old flame who has reappeared in her life? Will money prevail this day? Can’t it be both? One thing is certain, it will all be accomplished beautifully.

For more information or tickets, go online to or call 918.749.6030.

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