Barbee Cookies
Asking one to choose a favorite cookie from Barbee Cookies is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child – you may have one, but it feels like sacrilege to speak of it. With so many flavors and varieties, the cookies each offer something different to the palette. The cinnamon-sugar warmth provided by the Cinnamon Roll Cookie, the airy texture of the sugar cookie, the dense richness of the Barbee Original: a cookie baked with milk chocolate, white chocolate and pecans. Barbee Cookies are known for their plumpness in the middle, creating a cookie that is a balance between a firmer outer texture and light, crumbly center. 8222 E. 103rd St., Suite 136, Tulsa.


Red’s Southern Diner
Does southern home cooking conjure up images of heaping plates of fried okra, mashed potatoes and biscuits served along fried chicken, pot roast or barbecued chicken? If you’re at Red’s Southern Diner, those images are spot-on. This restaurant serves its limited menu family-style: just choose your meat entrée, and leave the rest up to Red’s. Platters mounded with okra, potatoes and biscuits and bowls of creamed corn, gravy and salad, served family style, accompany every entrée. The fried catfish at Red’s – fried light and flaky in a cornmeal batter – is the perfect accompaniment to the other aspects of the meal. 840 W. Danforth, Edmond.

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