Bison Dog
Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs

When you think of a hot dog, do you picture a frankfurter shoved in a white-bread bun and slathered with mustard and relish? If so, you need to take a trip to Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs, where they’re taking hot dogs to the next level. Dogs made of rabbit sausage, chicken, kobe beef and even Spam grace the menu at this retro-inspired eatery. If you’re feeling exotic, try the Tatanka Dog at Mutt’s. A fat, juicy bison dog topped with green chile sauce, cilantro-lime aioli and goat cheese is every bit as flavorful and delicious as you would imagine. Be sure to add an order of Mutt’s amazing duck fat fries. 1400 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City.

Lady Love
Sushi Neko

Sushi Neko has been at the forefront of the sushi revolution in Oklahoma, serving innovative rolls that have transformed diners from skeptics to enthusiasts. The sushi pioneer serves several roll options, from the traditional – unagi, sea urchin, even full sushi boats – to the original, like the delicate flavors of the Lady Love roll. A piece of salmon is rolled with lemon, masago (capelin roe) and green onion. Order with a bowl of Sushi Neko’s famous miso soup, and you have a delicious and satisfying meal. 4318 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City.

Cinnamon Roll
Savoy Restaurant

There is something about that most basic of breakfast pastry, the cinnamon roll. One bite of a warm, gooey, fresh-from-the-oven roll and a bad day can be instantly transformed into the best ever. In Tulsa, there’s no other place to go for the best cinnamon roll ever than Savoy Restaurant. The warm, fluffy bread; cinnamon-sugar and sticky icing combine in some other-worldly way in the ovens at Savoy to create one of the most perfect creations ever, well, created. For those not within driving distance of Savoy, the restaurant sells a frozen version of their famous cinnamon rolls online. 6033 S. Sheridan Rd., Tulsa.

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