In this time of flux – the last weeks of winter that are a little too warm to be considered part of that cold season, yet there’s still a nip in the air – it’s tough to pick out wine that is truly satisfying. A red may provide a little too much heft for the warmer temperatures, yet a white wine may not warm your belly quite as much as you would need. What do we do? Perhaps a compromise is in order.
Pinot noir, a light-bodied red wine, provides just enough weight to feel comforting, yet the fruity overtones of the grape provide a crisp, refreshing taste on the palate.
“Pinot noir has gained in popularity in Oklahoma over the past several years,” notes Steve Kennett, manager of Old Village Wine & Spirits.
The recommendation: Kennett says his customers most often prefer Angeline ($17), a moderately priced pinot noir from California. This wine pairs well with fish and grilled meats.
If you like that, try this:
Mirassou Pinot Noir ($10): A solid wine from a reliable California winery.
Hob Nob Pinot Noir ($12): This French wine is popular as much for its great taste as its affordable price.
Whetstone Pinot Noir ($47): This California wine is a great choice for a splurge.

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