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The Ranch Lady

Western artist Dallas Mayer is a self-described ranch lady with the requisite horse, boots, 10-gallon hat and Oklahoma twang that comes with a life lived...

Young Brothers on a Quest

Determined to greet former President Theodore Roosevelt upon his return from an African safari in 1910, two young brothers from tiny Frederick straddled their horses...

Flying Through Time

  It is always the 1940s at Frederick Municipal Airport on the plains of southwestern Oklahoma, and America is at war. A C-47 Skytrain, called...

Pick a Motive

Editor’s Note: The story below was originally published Sept. 28, 2011. Craig County District Attorney Matt Ballard announced April 23, 2018, that three suspects had...

Gangland Oklahoma

Oklahoma City police say the Nov. 14 slayings of a 26-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy were the outcome of “two gang sets having problems...

Homicidal Monsters Lurk

Killings most foul are committed on average every four to five days in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. About 90 percent of all homicides are resolved,...

Marsy’s Law

In 2014, a Muskogee police officer violated a legal protective order obtained by his estranged wife, Misti Martin-Sullins, rammed her car off the road, kidnapped...

The Long, Last Walk

Serene Death Row is the last address for Oklahoma’s worst offenders.

Picking Up The Pieces

High-profile child abuse cases have placed Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services under increased scrutiny, but the core issues go far beyond any one agency.

Cold Case Oklahoma

Oklahoma Magazine revisits five of the state’s most high-profile unsolved murders.