40 Under 40


Evan Tipton, 31


Commercial Risk Management, Producing Manager, Scott McCoy Agency
Aside from his busy career in insurance, Tipton also serves as the chairman for Tulsa’s Young Professionals, the largest professionals organization in the country; he is also a partner in For the Love of Tulsa, a company that creates Tulsa-centric artwork and clothing. Through his work with TYPros, Tipton has seen success in the newly formed TYPros Foundation, which benefits quality of life projects for the region. An avid skateboarder since he was 5, Tipton still enjoys the sport today, along with drawing, painting and gardening. He encourages others that hard work does pay off. “Pay attention and learn from your mistakes, but try to learn from others’ mistakes first,” he says.


Darren H. Lunow, AT, 34

Broken Arrow

Athletic Trainer, Director of Sports Medicine, Central States Orthopedics
Lunow oversees one of the largest school and community outreach sports medicine programs in Green Country. “Through the work of so many outstanding orthopedic physicians and athletic trainers, we participate in more than 2,000 athletic physicals, publish a free monthly sports medicine newsletter and provide the highest quality medical staffing for more than 100 high school athletic events each year,” says Lunow. He adds that achievements occur over time rather than immediately. “Success, though often sought overnight rarely comes in such a manner. By choosing to associate yourself with those who are more intelligent than you and those who are more skilled than you, you can most assuredly elevate you own abilities. These people bring new ideas, new skills and new gifts into your life.”


Brooke Esteves, D.O., 32


Medical Oncology Fellow/Internal Medicine Physician, Cancer Treatment Centers of America in conjunction with Oklahoma State University Medical Center
Dreamer, believer, goal-setter and achiever aptly describe Esteves. She began working at age 11, mowing her neighbors’ yards. Today, she works as a fellow at CTCA overseeing patients’ care at the renowned facility. “Each day involves seeing and examining patients, discussing recent medical test results and making decisions as to whether or not a patient is stable enough to undergo therapy,” she says. In her free time, Esteves enjoys volunteering for numerous organizations, exercising, hunting and gardening.


Trey Cooper, 33


Senior Vice President and Shareholder, Adams Hall Wealth Advisors
Cooper joined Adams Hall almost 11 years ago. “It was my first job out of college, and I plan for it to be my last,” he says. As a financial advisor, it’s Cooper’s job to think of the things that his clients don’t. “I make my clients’ lives better by changing the way they interact with money,” he says. In addition to his career, Cooper is chairman of the board for Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, co-founder of Luz’s Lunch Club, an outreach mission through his church; and a Certified Barbeque Judge through Kansas City Barbeque Society. He says that the key to success is to test yourself daily. “Challenge yourself mentally, physically and spiritually every day,” he says.


Moises Echeverria, 29


Program Coordinator, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice
From an early age, Echeverria looked up to individuals who gave of themselves to improve their communities. He attended Camp Anytown – sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice – while still in high school. His love for social justice sparked during this week-long leadership camp. Today, Echeverria is director of Camp Anytown, which focuses on diversity and inclusion. As a program coordinator for OCCJ, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the interfaith and adult programs. These programs include bringing people of different faith traditions, or no-faith traditions, together to have open, honest and respectful dialogue for understanding. “Figure out what you’re passionate about and gain the most knowledge and skills to carry out your passion,” he says. “Also, always help out people around you.”


Christina Good Voice, 33


Director of Mvskoke Media, Muscogee (Creek) Nation 
A full-time working mother and citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Good Voice is a born and raised Oklahoman. She grew up and now currently lives in Glenpool and is glad to live in the community with her four children. At work, Good Voice oversees the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s Mvskoke (pronounced like Muscogee) Media department, which encompasses four departments. She says that the key to success is to be vigilant. “Work hard, be punctual, stay late when possible to finish assignments and be the person who volunteers for jobs or assignments at work, especially when no one else is jumping in there,” she says. When not at work, Good Voice is at ball practices, games or fundraisers. She also enjoys taking her family to stompdances, which is a traditional dance of the Muscogee (Creek) people.