At a young age Charlie Zeeck has managed to create his own signature style. Photo by Brent Fuchs
At a young age Charlie Zeeck has managed to create his own signature style. Photo by Brent Fuchs

“They don’t have to match. They blend.”

My mother often reminds me of this line, which I uttered when I was a second-grader and attempting to justify wearing five different shades of pink in one outfit, when we are shopping or telling fun, “Remember when?” stories. This was in the late 1980s, when floral harem pants worn with matching vests were in style. It was a time of perms, hair spray and bows to match every outfit.

This memory is what I consider my first “fashion moment.” Good or bad, it is my first remembrance of caring about what I wore and backing it up with questionable assertions.

We put a question to each of our 12 individuals featured in “People With Style,” (p. 74): “What was your first ‘fashion moment?’” The answers, each very entertaining, range from discovering bowties (Charlie Zeeck) to watching a Bjork video on MTV (Samantha Ruble) to the realization that “fashion” and “style” are two completely different concepts (Don Daniel).

Style is something that we all have. Good or bad, casual or glammed up, we utilize style to dictate how we present ourselves to the world. The 12 Oklahomans featured in “People With Style” definitely have their own stylish looks and approaches to life.

And thankfully, I’ve moved beyond pairing multiple shades of pink in an outfit.

Also in this issue: Our fifth annual “Great Companies To Work For” listing (p. 48) highlights employers in Oklahoma that provide a wonderful work environment and excellent benefits to company employees. CEOs of the companies recognized know much about providing a great work environment; in a conversation with Reasor’s Foods CEO Jeff Reasor, we discuss the benefits, challenges and advantages of expanding a family-run business while still providing a great work environment for thousands of employees.

Most of the companies included this year have plans of hiring in 2016; if you’re in the job market, keep an eye on these “Great Companies To Work For,” and maybe you’ll be able to join a recognized top-notch work environment in the new year.

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