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[dropcap]Making[/dropcap] a list of historic restaurants in Oklahoma (p. 50) was more of an education than I expected it to be. I’ve been to many of the restaurants we featured and heard of others, even if I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, but some were completely new to me. One thing became clear to me as we were working on the story: creating a list of every historic restaurant in Oklahoma could take an entire issue of the magazine by itself.

So if we left out your favorite, let us know. Contact us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@OklahomaMag), post a picture of it and tag us on Instagram (@Oklahoma_Mag) or just send us an email. If we included your favorite, let us know what you love about it. We’ll put together the responses and post a story on

Oklahoma City has been reaping the benefits from MAPS for years, and Tulsa will be able to enjoy similar positive changes with the passage of the Vision 2025 package. We look at how both cities are planning to provide high-quality mass transit (p. 13) and talk to Stephanie Cameron, state director of Dream It Do It Oklahoma and OK2Grow and chair-elect of TYPros, about the impact of Vision 2025 on Tulsa and the importance of education in the state (p. 96).

Also in this issue, we look at how the construction of the Michael D. Case Tennis Center at the University of Tulsa has helped turn Tulsa into a tennis town (p. 58). The city is hosting its third NCAA tennis championship since 2004 this month.

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