[dropcap]One[/dropcap] of the best parts of working at Oklahoma Magazine is the many new things I learn each month. Let me give you an example: Did you know Oklahoma has a memorial for a town that was bombed by airplanes during World War II? I didn’t, and while I won’t spoil the story behind it, you can find that – and many other stories about overlooked Oklahoma towns – as we look into the people, education and history of the Panhandle (pg. 78).

If you’re already a Panhandle expert and are looking for other places in the state to explore, check out our fascinating feature on Oklahoma ghost towns (pg. 74). I’ve passed within a few miles of several of these locations without knowing the history, and it’s possible you have too. While I can’t recommend exploring a building that is crumbling into disrepair, it is possible to safely visit the remains of some of the places we discuss. We also give you the history of the towns – and why they’re no longer towns.

And since we at Oklahoma Magazine are all about health, we look at some advancements in medical technology this issue (pg. 54). Cutting-edge medical treatments such as robotic surgery and immunotherapy treatment for cancer are all available right here in the state, so make sure to take a look. After all, learning about your health options could save your life.

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