Pop Artist

The artist and entrepreneur is perhaps best known as half of the famed Louis & Cluck duo, known for designing a clothing line that champions Oklahoma; if you’ve been in the state for longer than a day, you’ve probably seen a “Don’t Hate the 918” or “I Heart Tulsa” t-shirt – that’s all them. The tees have been seen in People magazine, the Los Angeles Times, NBC’s Dateline and VH-1’s 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders. Additionally, Cluck’s paintings have been exhibited in more than 80 art shows. In short, Cluck’s career is all about creativity. It’s a job that he embraces and hopes to use to spread the word about Oklahoma’s rich artistic community. “I want Oklahoma to become known for its art community,” he says. “There are so many talented artists in our great state, and I believe there will be a day when the world takes notice.”

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