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Learn to Make Blueberry Mojito and Negroni with Chef Shannon Smith


Something to Crow About

Despite the Dust Bowl and the middle of the Great Depression, Oklahoma City was a surprisingly hopping spot for new businesses and ventures. In 1937, a rooster began to crow on North Walker Avenue, where the Edgemere Park neighborhood ends and the Paseo District begins. Through the booms and busts of the OKC economy, along with the stagnation and gentrification...

Party in the U.S.A.

For Americans’ favorite holiday, you’re probably looking for tasty, colorful and on-theme eats that will make you the talk of the family get-together or block party. Oklahoma Magazine teamed up with The Summit Club, Tulsa’s premier dining club downtown, to create a spread of red, white and blue-themed fare for the Fourth of July. For savory treats, go classic American with...

Headin’ Downtown

OKC Grub Vast Nestled at the top of the 50-story Devon Tower, Vast offers fine dining and an exquisite panorama of the city. vastokc.com Patrono Patrono is a fantastic place to nab sophisticated yet affordable Italian fare before a show at the Civic Center Music Hall. patronookc.com Kitchen 324 Another feather in the cap of the Good Egg Dining Group, Kitchen 324 is a favorite...