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Summertime Sowing

With average temperatures in the 90 degree range during the Oklahoma summer, residents trying to keep their lawns and gardens thriving should heed tips from the experts. Kathy Caviness of Caviness Landscape Design in Arcadia has some great pointers for homeowners and renters who take pride in their summer plants.

Plants and Partnerships

Community gardens offer more than a bounty of fruits and vegetables. They also produce a sense of belonging for neighbors, an appreciation of nature for students, and partnerships between civic organizations and groups. Oklahoma has a range of such gardens, from spaces at schools and plots in parks to neighborhood farms. They are...

Creating A Refuge

Home Eco-Consciousness Saving the earth and a few bucks can coexist with eco-friendly adjustments to your home. Brian L. Freese, principal of Freese Architecture, suggests several ways to make your home green. Install continuous insulation in walls, ceilings and the roof. This...

Fresh Produce on Your Doorstep

It’s no small task to provide weekly produce deliveries to 1,200 lovers of farm-fresh food, but Local Farm OK makes it happen, and co-owner Ashley Neal is giddy about her part in the enterprise. “I couldn’t grow anything if my life depended on it … but I cook,” says Neal, who emails a new weekly recipe to those ordering Local...

Modern Appeal

Working Smarter, Not Harder Advances have brought home technology into the mainstream. Here are some tips and devices to help streamline your home automation process. Welcome to the home of the future. As the IoT, or Internet of Things, continues to proliferate this year, smart home technology has become better streamlined for, and more accessible to, the average consumer than ever before. With...