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This Land is Grand

Oklahoma may have a reputation as flat prairie land, but the reality is far more sundry. If you’ve ever noticed a variance in the terrain as you travel across the state, your eyes do not deceive you. According to the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma has the most diverse terrain per square mile...

Don’t Get Bugged

An increase in the prevalence of bugs during the spring and summer is a reality in Oklahoma. While encounters with insects and arachnids are usually harmless, one sting or bite can bring pain or long-term health problems to some. Wasps, bees, mosquitoes, spiders and ticks are the most common bugs Oklahomans encounter. The mosquito is perhaps the most irritating of...

Into the Wild … with Caution

Oklahoma’s varied topography lends itself to an array of outdoor activities, but it’s hard to get more primative than simply throwing on a backpack, outfitting yourself with only a tent and a few necessities, and hitting the trail … or at least driving to one of the many campgrounds through the state. Summertime camping is a challenge because of the...