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The Allure of Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities have transformed over the last few decades, as have perceptions of them. Long gone is the idea that these places are full of dim halls, bland food, few activities, lack-luster amenities and little stimulation.  Now, senior living communities are rightly known for fostering true happiness and growth for residents. Amenities range from high-end gyms to pools, activity...

Preparing for the Golden Years

Navigating life as a senior means making lifestyle adjustments and future plans. With preparation and some advice, seniors can live their third acts to the fullest.

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Phyllis Gardner has changed her mind about a few activities since going to live at Inverness Village, a retirement community in Tulsa. “I made fun of yoga before I came here,” she says. “Now, I recruit people all the time to come to our class. It’s amazing how much that class can make you feel better for days afterward.” Nursing homes...

Senior Savvy

The younger that people may be, the more likely we are to witness them posting selfies on Snapchat, sharing their latest meals on Instagram or issuing demands to Alexa that would make a dictator blush – or so many of us believe. In truth, mobile technology and social media have opened as many frontiers for older adults (if not more)...