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Hook, Line and Sinker

Oklahomans are flocking to the state’s rivers, streams, lakes and ponds to try their luck at catching fish. Sport fishing is enjoying a surge of popularity this year, says Skylar St. Yves, information and education specialist and fishing coordinator for the State Department of Wildlife Conservation. Oklahoma has great fishing spots throughout the...

One Bite at a Time

Maintenance and repair crews, facing the seemingly indomitable task of cleaning up eastern Oklahoma waterways and recreation areas from last year’s historic flooding, adopted the strategy found in a classic riddle. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Nearly 15 months after devastating rains and floods,...

Preventive Maintenance

Like a motor vehicle, train or an airplane, your body must undergo preparation and maintenance before any fitness journey begins, be it a simple, twice-a-week gym routine or grueling, long-term training for a marathon. Proper warmups, hydration and nutrition are all part of any pre-workout plan. “I like to compare...

Beat the Heat

As the temperature rises this month and Oklahoma becomes its usual sticky mess, getting outside to relax or go on vacation may not seem like an optimal choice. But an effective one-two combination – shade and water – provide the perfect counterpunch to the Sooner State’s hot summers. The following areas – most well known; some not so obvious – give...

Side Effects

Any prescription drug commercial reminds you that medications can have side effects, ranging from mild to severe. Before starting a new medicine, beware of its effects and work closely with your physician to manage potential problems. “When prescribing medications, providers have to consider numerous factors, such as sex, age, weight, pre-existing conditions, race, family history, other medications, over-the-counter medications and...