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Life on the Farm

Joe Tierney is a compact, wiry man, full of energy – both physical and mental – and his hands reflect a life spent in honest labor. 4:15 in the morning finds him out of bed, and half an hour later he’s out the door.  He does the hardest work prior to 8 a.m., before the heat hits. This time of year,...

Not Another “Wimpy Sandwich”

Krell’s East Coast Delicatessen has brought a unique gem to central Oklahoma’s food scene. It’s not just an ordinary sandwich shop, but a place that offers big, fresh flavors that pay tribute to beloved east coast delis. You can enjoy house-cured corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, house-smoked fish and matzo ball soup, along with delicious sides like bread and...

From the Roots

Growing up in Apache made more than a small impact on chef Zach Hutton. Raised on a cattle farm on the Comanche/Caddo County line, Hutton says his grandparents and mother’s siblings all lived in town, and they spent a lot of time together on the farm.  It was there that the roots of locally grown food took hold in Hutton’s...