I have been a bridesmaid a few times. Three, to be exact, and each time, I served as a maid of honor. The first time, my 21-year-old self stood next to my sister-in-law when she married my brother. I had no idea what was required of me, and I don’t think I did much more than attend showers and show up for dress fittings.

For my second tour, I was asked by my best friend, Lauren. This time, being 24 and a little more mature and responsible, I threw a shower, attended all mandatory functions and even wrote a speech (sorry it was so short, Lauren!) to deliver – with gusto – at the reception.


By my third time serving as a maid of honor – this time for my sorority sister, Heather – I was well prepared. I had learned that the maid of honor’s job is not only to be completely supportive of every decision the bride makes, but to also act as a security guard. As we drew closer to the big day, I grew increasingly protective. There’s a problem with the reception décor? Talk to me. I decided who was dispatched to handle the problem. The DJ has questions about what song to play when the newlyweds enter the reception hall? Ask me, then I’ll ask the ball-of-nerves bride in a kind and relaxed way. Nothing and no one got to Heather on her big day before they got to me. I stood in for the bride during the rehearsal, delivered not one, but two speeches – one at the rehearsal dinner, the other one quite emotionally at the reception. At 26, I came into my own as a maid of honor.

Afterward, I considered opening a maid of honor business. I have many dresses that would suit a wedding, all in a variety of colors. I have the experience and, more importantly, the speechwriting abilities to make a room full of people drop their forks and dab their teary eyes. Though my business venture never got off the ground, I still think it’s an idea that would easily sell on Shark Tank.

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Jami Mattox
Managing Editor

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