Photo by Chris Humphrey.
Photo by Chris Humphrey.

Anna Inhofe, 29


Occupation: Attorney.

Favorite thing to do around town: Taking walks, visiting Philbrook and other local galleries, meeting up with friends for coffee or happy hour, Tulsa Ballet, the farmers market, events at the BOK and strangely –leaving. I love the feeling you get before a trip and the welcome of being back home.

Favorite restaurant or food truck: Stonehorse or Keo.

Favorite book: Sense & Sensibility.

Favorite music: Anything that makes me want to dance.

Your favorite charity and why: Women in Recovery (with Family and Children’s Services) because it provides a holistic approach to combating substance addiction within the criminal justice system and the continually high rates of female incarceration.

What are some of your hobbies: Reading, traveling, learning new things, exercising, making cards, food, writing, yoga and trying to trick myself into picking up old interests (tennis, piano, biking).

What you are looking for in a partner: Someone who keeps me on my toes and brings out my spontaneous side. He is supportive of my ambitions but has the drive to accomplish his own; we laugh together, compassionate, kind, independent, a down-to-earth dreamer, adventurous, open-minded, genuine and not finished learning.

Three words that sum up your dating life: Stay bright-eyed.

Best thing about being single: I will what I want when I want.

What would you say to the person who nominated you to be part of Single in the City: Thank you for always being so supportive – not only of me, but also of our city. Tulsa would not be the same without you.

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