Photo by Chris Humphrey.
Photo by Chris Humphrey.

Kimani Love, 24


Occupation: Accounts payable administrator.

Favorite thing to do around town: Explore the downtown Tulsa culture.

Favorite restaurant or food truck: KEO.

Favorite book: It would have to be between Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin or The Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.

Favorite music: I am terribly eclectic with my musical tastes. In one day I could listen to new age piano solos, rap, bebop, jazz and AT40. But at the moment Coldplay’s most recent album keeps finding me.

Your favorite charity and why: TulsaCares is my favorite charity because they are able to assist so many people right here in our city. Not only with getting access to HIV medication but also mental health services, housing assistance and nutritional assistance as well.

What are some of your hobbies: Practicing saxophone and flute, teaching myself piano, playing Xbox and trying new recipes.

What you are looking for in a partner: Someone who is smart, cultured, independent, motivated and overall daring.

Three words that sum up your dating life: Ready for adventure.

Best thing about being single: The best thing about being single is having the freedom to do everything I want or nothing at all.

What would you say to the person who nominated you to be part of Single in the City: You’re hilarious!

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