Photo by Chris Humphrey.
Photo by Chris Humphrey.

Gant Hinkle, 30


Occupation: Real estate agent and investor.

Favorite thing to do around town: Watching a Tulsa sports team like the Athletics, Roughnecks, Oilers or Drillers play, or seeing one of my favorite bands in concert at Cain’s.

Favorite restaurant or food truck: It would have to be Queenie’s which I’ve been known to hit up at least once a week for lunch.

Favorite book: The Long Walk.

Favorite music: Eli Young, Zac Brown, The Eagles and Kings of Leon.

Your favorite charity and why: Big Brothers Big Sisters because of the impact it made not only in the life of my little, but how it impacted me as well. Mentorship and service are important to me.

What are some of your hobbies: Spending time with good friends, traveling as much as possible, snowboarding, playing soccer, biking and exercising in general. I like trying new restaurants around town to get out of the house and see what’s good!

What you are looking for in a partner: I’d have to say someone intelligent and educated, caring, adventurous, attractive inside and out, doesn’t take themselves too seriously and, most importantly, a believer.

Three words that sum up your dating life: Open for business?

Best thing about being single: That would have to be the flexibility in my everyday life to live it as I see fit and take advantage of opportunities as they come up!

What would you say to the person who nominated you to be part of Single in the City: Lay off Mom and Dad, I’m working on it!

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