Day of the Rooster

It’s billed as the oldest continuous annual festival in Oklahoma, and Broken Arrow residents will celebrate the 84th Rooster Days May 9-11. Roscoe, the...

A Taxing Issue

Some Oklahoma legislators would like to make tax day a thing of the past.

Winning Agriculture

“Cattle” and “communication” aren’t two words that most people would necessarily link together. When used to describe Oklahoma State University’s award-winning animal science judging...

Explosive Sounds

Thirty years ago, give or take a few months, a new double-record album appeared on the shelves of Oklahoma music stores. Featuring a trippy...

(Not So) Dirty Dancing

Think square dancing went out with the Civil War? Think again.

Marketing His Journey

When Tulsa-born Gary “Litefoot” Davis began his career as a musician and actor, he knew he took a chance. “I resolved myself to this truth:...

21st Century Leader

President Steadman Upham has been at the helm during incredible growth at The University of Tulsa.

Centenary Sentinel

At 100 years old, Ina K. Labrier has witnessed some of the biggest events in contemporary American history.

The Smell Of Success

In 1966, at the age of 6, Dan Joliff fell in love with coffee. He was enamored with his father’s work as district supervisor...

Common Grounds

Oklahomans were essential to coffee growing in Ethiopia.